Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Book: I'll Never Be French - Je ne serai jamais français

The title of this book caught my attention when I was looking for French book via the local library's OPAC. Sure enough, I left the library with this book in my arm.

Mark greenside, a 40-something years old American moved to a small village on the coast of Brittany in summer 1991. At the end of the summer he was so attached to the France, and bought an old stone house. The book makes me laugh in the earlier chapters, for instance, the chapter about how Greenside bought milk, sugar and bread at the village store with his VERY broken French! I continued reading, and burst out laughing. I couldn't put down this book once I read because it is so funny and entertaining.

Love this book! It is a great leisure reading book - the characteristics of people, the place, the food, the American experience in France.

If you are looking for a good summer reading book, this is the one!

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