Friday, March 24, 2017

Suicide tourist

It is not easy to watch but it brings all of us to the reality: we all go to die someday but not necessarily in a hard way.

This is a documentary of one man's story. One Chicago native makes the journey to Switzerland for the last trip of his life. With ALS disease, his body deteriorated fast. Instead to die slowly, he decided to make his suicide trip to Switzerland where physician-assisted suicide is legal and painless - the patient will be given sleeping dosage and die peacefully (in a deep sleep).

I do believe that it is cruelty to see your own body falls into pieces slowly while your conscious is clear and sound. Most people might say that it is against the God's will; but is it the God's will to suffer at the end? it is certainly an arguable issue.

I am going to keep this documentary in mind as I age.

Title: The Suicide Tourist. Produced by Frontline.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Lessons from the death

There are so many books and resources of "how to" deal with grief, losses, trauma in our lives. Nothing would work EXCEPT "you" are the one who know "how to". It's so painful and words do not have the ability to describe it - the emptiness and unreal feeling, the pain in the heart and emotion.

Librarian is supposed the one who is well-educated and is a "smart" and "tough" human being. The truth is that ... it is quite the opposite. Things I learned from death:

You only want the pain goes away
You only wish that the death is only a bad dream
You only wish that you have option A not the option B
You only want to disappear
You only wish that people around you do not say, "I am so sorry for your lost."
You only want your heart gets lighter

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

International Day of Happiness 2017

It is supposed to be a "happiness" day for the year. Well, quite the opposite... our college officially announced that the college will be closed on September 22nd. When the college goes, so does the library.

Why did the college five the bad news on the International Day of Happiness? I only wish that they waited for another day to make the announcement. Oh well, what's done is done.

Another academic library is going to close.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Saving libraries!

Around the world, libraries are facing many challenges; one of those is how to avoid being closed - in UK, in France, in the US. Many people contributed ideas how to save the libraries particularly the community libraries.

It is said that in UK, almost 350 libraries have closed in Britain in the last six years, with 174 transferred to community groups and volunteers, and 50 handed over to external organizations.

In France, libraries are facing similar situation, Many people suggested that libraries should transform the libraries to the hub of the communities - workshops, events, exhibitions, training courses and encouraging public participation in their management have become part of libraries’ roles.

In the US, some opinions even took a little farther - they cried out for saving the libraries BUT NOT the librarians (????): "Libraries do not serve the egos of librarians; they serve the people. And in the information age, serving the people requires evolving and innovating."

Learning to do good with deeds

It is a very inspirational conversation from Pope Francis:

"Learning to do good with deeds, not words.",_not_words/1298514

When the college is closing... so is the library

Our college is closing in a few months. With a heavy heart, I start the process of contacting the community and other libraries to take in our library materials. It is very hard to keep your chin up and it gets harder and harder as the days go by.

Everyone in the college is emotional distressed. I always have a positive attitudes for my job in the past years. My second thought is... well, how many librarians have the work experience to closing down the library in a "positive" ways? Not too many and I am going to be one of those.

In fact it is the second time in the two years that I witnessed library being closed. First in January 2015, the University of Kansas Regents Center Library was closed. None of the library staff saw that's coming. I had been there since 2003 and it was rare to see any library staff left. So we had been together for 12 years. When the library closed, most of my colleagues took early retirements. But for me, unfortunately... I am too young to retire but too old to start over.

I thought I was lucky to land a job in a month after KU Regents Center Library closed. Then the college announced its closing. I must be a cursed librarian. But I am not going down without "a fight" and I determined that I started my job in a good standing and I am going to end in a positive spirit.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Knowledge and wisdom

Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, Chapter 48:

To attain knowledge add things every day.

To attain wisdom remove things every day.

老 子:  「道 德 經」 :  第 四 十 八 章
為 學 日 益 , 為 道 日 損 。
損 之 又 損 , 以 至 於 無 為 。
無 為 而 無 不 為 。
取 天 下 常 以 無 事 , 及 其 有 事 , 不 足 以 取 天 下 。