Monday, February 20, 2017

Library school and lawsuits

Just discovered these information: "sigh!" - Oh Boy!

Health insurance

Yesterday I listened to NPR Moth Radio. One of the speakers mentioned his own experience with the American broken health system.

He was robbed and beaten up in New York City. He was in the hospital unconscious for a few days. When he came around a few days later, the nurse asked him the health insurance card. As soon as the hospital found out that he did not have heath insurance, he was asked to leave with broken bones. - He was self-employed at that time. As a self-employed person, you do not work you do not have income. He was unable to pay the rent and was thrown out of his apartment - homeless with a broken body.

The speaker couldn't hold his tears when he spoke. I can feel his sadness and frustration via his voice even though that was a couple years ago incident.

What kinds of health system in this country? What's wrong with us?

Monday, February 13, 2017

Librarians in the 21st century?

The evolution of "libraries and librarians"!

One thing I surely notice is that the ALA core librarianship competencies are very different from the one I learned in the library school in the year of 1998. Many words/phrases were "disappeared" from the current ALA core librarianship competencies such as "innovation", "lifelong learning", "collaborations", "partnerships", ...etc.

In addition to the "core competencies", in my own experience, you do need other "professional competencies" such as:
(1) A "referee" for library patrons who had disagreements/arguments in using the library computers;
(2) Dealing with an unsurprised kid who climbs up the bookshelf like a monkey;
(3) Clean the men's room when the custodian is not available
(4) Serve as a "peacemaker" for your staff and the library board members

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Trumpian graffiti @ public library?

I read this article via the online Library Journal titled, "Ambiguous Trumpian Graffiti @ your library" - the graffiti was found in the library's bathroom. My first reaction is ... What's the point to put the graffiti in the bathroom? How many people would see/notice?).

Graffiti in library is not uncommon.  I worked a the branch manager at a public library for 6 years and I found "all kinds of graffiti" in the library. It is not the worst "vandalism" in the library. I have seen so many worst than that including "used" underwear in the stacks, MacDonald's leftover was put in the outside book drop (it took hours to clean the returning library materials!)

Monday, February 6, 2017

Pope Francis and Super Bowl 2017

Pope Francis calls Super Bowl a sign of peace, friendship, and solidarity.

Digital version of ourselves

In the past week, I have heard a few times from NPR about the "digital version of ourselves". Many people concern about what happen to the "death" face book accounts. There are pros and cons opinions. The positive side is that after you are "GONE" for years, your family particularly your grandchildren would be able to see your life without searching binders and binders of albums. The negative side is that the face book page would upset those who is survived. Apparently there is no good answers for that.

Monday, January 30, 2017


Apparently the surname "Kennedy" is a popular one in the State of Massachusetts. I went for an interview with one of the community colleges Chancellor in Western Massachusetts. As soon as I was introduced to her, I was "distracted" by her "look" - she just looks exactly the late President Kennedy!  - I was distracted.